MP4 Files

The MP4 format plays an increasingly important role in both downloading and playing video from the Internet, especially on mobile devices. Why? Simply put, MP4 allows for high-quality video to be delivered in a smaller size.

If the video isn't in the MP4 format, it can be converted, and we'll help you learn how to choose an MP4 converter, or even a free video to MP4 converter. People now have high-definition (HD) video cameras in their smartphones and can upload and share videos on social websites. Traditional broadcasters, cable outlets, and Hollywood studios are extending their reach through the Internet. Many online service providers are competing for their niche in this new world of online video.

As we become more reliant on these technologies, the MP4 format helps enable nearly everyone to be both a creator and a consumer of video applications. MP4 files also permit faster, more efficient distribution over the Internet.